Frequently Asked Questions

Each search ends with a comprehensive report. Such a report usually includes:

  • Detailed descriptions of your ancestors containing the most important facts (e.g., place and date of birth, family background)
  • Copies of all documents found (including translations from Polish, German, Russian and Latin)
  • Graphic family tree showing family connections
  • Descriptions of the most important places in your ancestors’ lives and archival maps
  • Immigration files, naturalization records, passenger lists, passport applications – often with photos of ancestors!
  • Collections of old photos showing the regions where your ancestors lived
  • Documents confirming Polish citizenship

And much more…

Most often, we start our research with information about grandparents or great-grandparents. If you only have information about your parents, we’ll start the search by finding their birth certificates, which will tell us the details of your grandparents – thus opening the way for further research.

However, if you have details of your grandparents, the most important will be::

  • Names and surnames
  • Dates of birth, marriage or death
  • Places associated with major events in your grandparents’ lives

Much depends on the army in which he fought and in what exact unit. Most often, by verifying military archives, we can find, for example:

– Course of military service
– Photos in uniform from military ID cards
– Unclaimed medals and military decorations
– Reports of military commanders

Poland’s borders have changed many times over the centuries. As a result, we are additionally conducting searches in:
– Germany
– Ukraine
– Belarus
– Lithuania

In addition, due to nearly 20 million Poles abroad, we are also active in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and Australia.

The cost of genealogical research is very individual and depends on many factors (including where the archives are stored or the form in which they are available). That’s why we prepare a free analysis for each client before starting the research, which will allow us to estimate the expected search time and cost of the service.