Polish Resettlement Corps

Polish Resettlement Corps

The Polish Resettlement Corps (PRC) was a British military unit created in the aftermath of World War II to help resettle Polish soldiers and civilians who had been displaced by the war. The PRC played an important role in the post-war history of both Poland and the United Kingdom, as it allowed Polish refugees to start new lives in Britain while also providing the UK with a pool of highly trained and experienced soldiers.

Background of Polish Resettlement Corps

The PRC was established in 1946, as part of the larger effort to resettle the millions of displaced persons in Europe after the end of the war. The Corps was made up of Polish soldiers who had fought alongside the British during the war, as well as civilians who had been displaced by the conflict. The PRC was based in camps throughout the UK, and its members were given a range of jobs, including agricultural work, factory jobs, and other forms of manual labor.

Polish Post-War Resettlement Camps in the United Kingdom

The PRC was formed in response to a request from the Polish government-in-exile, which was based in London during the war. The Polish government asked the British government to allow Polish soldiers and civilians to stay in the UK after the war, as they feared reprisals from the Soviet-backed government that had taken power in Poland. The British government agreed to this request, and the PRC was established to provide a framework for the resettlement of Polish refugees.

Training and deployment of the Polish corps

The PRC was composed of highly trained soldiers who had fought alongside the British in a number of key battles during the war. These soldiers were trained in a range of military skills, including infantry tactics, artillery, and engineering. Many PRC soldiers were also fluent in English, which made them valuable assets to the British military. The PRC was deployed to a number of different locations around the world, including Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. PRC soldiers fought in a number of conflicts during this time, including the Korean War.

Ancestors from the Polish Armed Forces

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Polish Resettlement Corps – Legacy

The legacy of the PRC is complex and multifaceted. On the one hand, it provided a lifeline for thousands of Polish refugees who were displaced by the war. These individuals were able to start new lives in the UK, and many of them went on to make significant contributions to British society in a range of fields. The PRC also provided the British military with a pool of highly trained and experienced soldiers, who played a key role in many of the conflicts that took place in the post-war period.

However, the legacy of the PRC is also marked by controversy. Some historians have argued that the PRC was used as a tool of British foreign policy, as it allowed the UK to exert influence over the post-war governments of Poland and other Eastern European countries. There have also been accusations that the PRC was involved in covert operations, including the training of anti-Soviet guerrilla fighters in the post-war period.