Catholic Parish Registers

Catholic Parish Registers

Have you ever wondered about your family’s history and where your ancestors came from? If so, delving into the world of genealogy might be the perfect journey for you. One essential tool in this pursuit is the “Status Animarum,” a valuable resource for tracing your ancestral roots.

What is “Status Animarum”?

Status Animarum

“Status Animarum,” Latin for “Status of Souls,” is a term used to describe a type of vital record that contains a detailed account of the inhabitants of a particular area, typically a parish or town. These records were maintained by churches and, in some cases, civil authorities. They provide invaluable information about the residents, their relationships, and various life events, including births, marriages, and deaths.

The Value of “Status Animarum” Records

“Status Animarum” records are a goldmine for genealogists and family historians. They offer a unique window into the past, allowing you to reconstruct family trees, track migrations, and uncover long-lost relatives. These records can also shed light on the socioeconomic conditions of the time, providing historical context to your family’s story.

What is "Status Animarum"?
Book of Souls (Status Animarum) of the parish of Michalcze in present-day Ukraine, year 1829

What You Can Discover in “Status Animarum”

With “Status Animarum” records, you can uncover a wealth of information about your ancestors:

Family Relationships: Discover your ancestors’ parents, children, and sometimes even extended family members. This can help you build a comprehensive family tree.
Residences: Find out where your ancestors lived. This can lead you to specific towns, villages, or even specific addresses, offering insights into your family’s geographical history.
Occupations: Learn about your ancestors’ occupations, which can provide clues about their social status and way of life.
Marriage and Birth Dates: Find out when your ancestors married and when their children were born, helping you piece together their life stories.
Deaths: “Status Animarum” records often include death dates, allowing you to pay tribute to your ancestors and create a comprehensive family history.

What is "Status Animarum"?
Book of souls (Status Animarum) of the parish of Piotrowo in Wielkopolska province, Poland 1902 – 1926

How to Find “Status Animarum” Records?

Accessing “Status Animarum” records typically involves research at local archives, church repositories, or online genealogy platforms. Many records have been digitized, making them accessible to a broader audience. In this case, the website of the Polish National Archives may be helpful.
Additionally, you can seek the assistance of professional genealogists or join genealogy groups and forums to connect with fellow researchers who might have insights or access to these valuable documents.