About Us

More than 11 years of experience

My name is Marcin Polak and I am the founder of Nasi Przodkowie – Polish Genealogy Research. Through my many years of experience with genealogy, I have managed to solve hundreds of family mysteries, reunite many lost families, and translate probably a thousand documents already. And so, over time, our Polish genealogy company Nasi Przodkowie was established. A company that will help families thousands of miles apart to be reunited, a company that will find the legacy of a family from a time when theUnited States was just being formed and Poland was for years under partition. We are constantly developing, investing in knowledge and search capabilities.

About Us

In genealogy, trust matters

An important factor in today’s use of the resources of various institutions, is security. After all, we cannot forget that genealogy ismainly based on the processing of all kinds of information, both general and very personal. Therefore, it is worth noting that all theinformation we receive is processed only for the purpose of conducting genealogical searches, which we carry out directly onbehalf of the client. All documentation is stored on servers located in the European Union, which allows us to fully comply with theprinciples of personal data processing (RODO) and gives us confidence that the information we obtain will be fully secure.

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There is nothing more important than a search that ends successfully and the customer’s satisfaction with the results. That’s why we ask you for feedback and suggestions after each completed assignment. If you would like to learn about the opinions of our clients, we invite you to visit our Testimonials page.