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We are Professional Researchers and Genealogists

Our experts specialize in archival research across both current and former regions of Poland. We offer comprehensive assistance in genealogical searches, conduct thorough searches for official documents, and handle general inquiries in Polish archives. As Professional Polish Researchers and Genealogists we can help you with such things as:

  • Obtaining civil and church documents of your ancestors
  • Determining the origin of your family with archival maps
  • Discovering the fate of your ancestors during World War II
  • Finding out the military service records of your ancestors

What kind of information can we find?

Find out more about your family from Poland with our help. We will obtain important documents about your ancestors for you. This means you can add more details to your family history! When we do our research, we often find things like:

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International genealogical search

Poland’s changing borders and the search for a better life abroad have caused families, once bound together for centuries, to disperse far from each other. Difficult historical events have also forced many to leave Polish lands, abandoning their heritage. To trace family roots in detail, we are working with many international archives and searching for relatives abroad to reunite families that were separated years ago.

  • Immigration files
  • Naturalization records
  • Passenger censuses
  • Passport applications

Extensive genealogy reports

Upon completion of our research, each client receives a detailed report that includes all documents discovered, along with additional translations and a listing of all facts discovered. Every piece of information in the report is supported by documentary evidence or historical records, which are also included in the materials provided at the end.

  • Ancestral descriptions
  • Exact origin and history
  • Archival documents
  • Translations and descriptions

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Our team is dedicated to sharing Polish heritage around the world and providing top-notch research and discovery services. We partner with Polish and international organizations, law offices, and educational groups. Together, we help people learn about and carry on Polish history from one generation to the next.

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